I was turning the pages of a magazine a while ago with great anticipation, when I was eventually stopped in my tracks. Under a picture the caption read: ‘Always remember to put the lead on’… I spat a mouthful of tea and snot all over the place when I thought about how incredulous that statement was. And it got worse. In an amazing act of self-punishment, I decided to read what else he had to say. “Put the lead on the lead clip”. “Now attach the hookbait” and finally, “Remember to cast to the spot”! I could only think of things in one way: did he expect me to position a rig without a hookbait? And once I had remembered that, did he think I didn’t know I could only catch a carp with my rig in the water, and get it there with a lead attached to my lead clip?

It’s that very thought that leaves me wondering if many actually care about everything else carp fishing, and the environment we angle in, has to offer?

I have to admit, of course, that I had attached a lead and put a hookbait on. However, just maybe, if we understood more about the environment we fish in rather than the tackle we use, the more we are likely to catch carp. Just my opinion of course.